ClosetMaid 27 in. H x 21 in. W White Steel 4-Drawer Wide Mesh Wire Basket

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  • Solid steel construction with white epoxy finish
  • Compatible with ShelfTrack Closet Systems
  • Creates additional drawer space to maximum storage
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Model:1414-22A-N 22x18x13 23.6lbs
Size:27 in. H x 21 in


Create additional drawer space on your ShelfTrack system with ClosetMaid’s 4-Drawer Kit. It includes brackets, shelves and 17 in. deep metal wire drawers for a variety of storage options. The drawers are adjustable, helping you create a system that meets your unique needs. This 27 in. H x 21 in. W x 17 in. D kit helps you store more without having to install a new system, saving you time and money for your next project.

  • Sturdy metal construction to accommodate heavier items
  • One 4 in. high drawer and three 7 in. high drawers for tops, socks, accessories and more
  • Easy installation with ShelfTrack standards (sold separately)
  • White epoxy finish
  • Manufacturer replacement of missing or damaged parts
  • ShelfTrack Standards are sold separately

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